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    “Open yer darn eyes and face what’s out there!!”

    And so she did.

    The view she saw out there was almost overwhelming for this ranch girl from the sticks of Texas, who had only seen deserts and farm fields before. As hard as possible, she pressed her cheeks against the window and with her wide and excited eyes she soaked up the scenery like a sponge.


    Somewhere, in the Eastern States of America…

    A travel bus took a sharp turn and gave someone a harsh wake up.

    Startled, the passenger jumped up from her seat!
    It wasn’t really because the bus driver had a rough handling, but because something heavy had fallen on her feet.

    Confused and still half-asleep she looked down.

    Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems by Galileo.

    …did she fall asleep on the book again? She picked it up and tried to think.
    Where was she?

    ...then she remembered.

    After a long and tedious ride, the bus had almost arrived at its destination. Its only passenger was a teenage girl about 11 years old, clothed all in black and white, with a big pointy hat resting on the empty seat beside her, and an oversized broom sticking out of the luggage under her seat. If one had to guess, they’d say she was dressed for a halloween party. But it was still high summer and the bus wasn’t headed for any festive event.

    Still rubbing her sleepy eyes, she gazed out of the